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dhBetty Bicycle Gems
All items are created by Christine Culver. From 2002 to 2011 she was the driving force behind the Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition, appearing at public meetings to make sure bicycle riders are heard and included in planning and construction. Culver grew up in the suburban car culture of Southern California. She started buying her own bikes at the age of 18, buying one after another and often has to compete with her husband, Rob Holt, for garage space. She raced mountain bikes as a professional in the late 80′s and continues to race and ride for sport.

1.by.liz designs clocks and other bike inspired products made from recycled bicycle gears, topographic maps, and reclaimed textiles.

Revolights, Inc. provides products that make roads safer for riders and drivers alike. We will lead the bicycle lighting market toward more forward-thinking, safety-minded products for cyclists.

ZOIC™ is the style of cycling, creating casual performance clothing for anyone who rides a bike. Your desire to ride shapes how you live, your clothing expresses your lifestyle, motivating ZOIC to fuse performance fabrics and technical features into comfortable clothing styles. ZOIC produces a complete line of men’s, women’s and kids’ apparel for mountain biking, recreational riding, bike commuting and more. ZOIC means pertaining to animal life or action; ZOIC is clothing for an active life. ZOIC encourages everyone to ride more and dress well. Learn more at ZOIC.com.

BikeWrappers are a set of reflective wraps for your bicycle frame that make you visible to motorists from up to a quarter mile away at night. They are not only a safety product but are also an accessory to customize and personalize your bike’s style. The wraps are reversible so that one side is the reflective material for night time and the other is a designer pattern(available in 25 different varieties) that allows you to “dress up” your bike during the day. They do not use any permanent adhesives or tapes, rather a velcro closure system, which allows them to be temporary as well as versatile to use on multiple bikes. Lastly, their third purpose is to protect your frame from scratches, dirt, and sweat since they are machine washable which people like on their bike when they lock it up, transport it on their car rack, ship it in the mail, ride on their trainer, or just simply ride in general.


Launched in 2005 in Portland, OR, Nutcase Helmets has grown quickly as a popular choice for bicyclists who want to express their personality while being safe on the road. The brand has found a devoted following among recreational cyclists, skaters, water sport enthusiasts and snowboarders alike. Nutcase’s ever expanding collections of urban street, snow, water
and Little Nutty helmet designs are now distributed through almost 400 quality independent cycle, outdoor sports and specialty retailers nationwide in the United States and internationally.




Flipside Hats are made from up-cycled and sustainably sourced materials. Each hat is hand-built with close attention to detail, design and quality. Our small team takes time with each hat, knowing it will become someone’s favorite. Officially launched in 2005, Flipside Hats is a transformative business that repurposes abandoned materials into meaningful, long-lasting and limited-edition products. By re-using the world’s pre-consumer excess, the U.S.-based company aims to rid the world of waste while inspiring a generation to reduce their impact on the planet. The Portland, Oregon-based company is led by Designer Kori Giudici and Jacob Wollner.

At Flipside Hats it takes 4 weeks and no new materials to make a new hat offering. We turn the industry upside down and use the “waste” generated by the big brands. The fabric that is not used in clothing production is often discarded leaving thousands of pounds every week of pre-consumer waste from a typical factory contracting for brands similar to Nike and Adidas. We see the FLIPSIDE and re-purpose this pre-consumer waste mixing it up with sustainably sourced fabrics made from Hemp, Organic Cotton and Recycled Polyester. To turn the industry upside down again we employ regional production supporting local families and fair jobs right here in Oregon and California. We never compromise and we make the highest quality, time tested classic styles and cutting edge fashion you know as Flipside Hats.

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Motorbikes are the leading mode of transportation in Indonesia, and also a major form of pollution. It takes thousands of years for a motorbike tire to decompose in a landfill. We believe these tires deserve another utility.

IndoSole is on a mission to salvage old motorbike tires and other trash from landfills and give them a new life. IndoSole products are handmade by skilled Balinese artisans and the production process does not contain fuel powered machines, just strong hands and minds.

IndoSole is a “lifestyle” that promotes a clean and conventional approach to the products used in our daily lives. Resourceful living, we call it. Re-purposing. Re-imagining. Re-birthing. Please join us on a quest to save one million tires from Indonesian landfills.

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We’ve been making bicycles a long time – almost fifty years now – and it just keeps getting better. Behind the walls of Norco’s two offices you will find some of the most dedicated and committed people in the cycling industry. They’ve made cycling more than a job, they’ve made it their lives. Day in and day out we work with bicycles, trying to bring you the best, most innovative products possible so you can enjoy the best ride you’ve ever been on. We do it because we love our bikes and we think that the world would be a better place if more people took to the pedal. We’re not starting a revolution, we’re just trying to get more people to ride. It really is that simple.

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Four best friends since Kindergarten, we’ve always had a love and passion for cycling. We’ve also always wondered why bicycles cost so much. During our senior year of college, we decided to solve this problem by creating our own brand, which we named Pure Fix Cycles.

The company’s mission is to increase bicycle riders on the road and to make the world a better place, by cutting out the middleman and providing affordable bikes ($325) that anyone can be proud of. Our goal is not just to create another bicycle company, but to help shape and complement an active urban lifestyle.

Each bike is unique in that it acts as a reflection of the rider’s personality. Riders can choose from different limited-edition bicycles with unique color combinations, and can further customize them to make each bike one of a kind. We also sell bike wheels, grips, footstraps, and Pure Fix branded t-shirts. Our focus on individual riders has allowed us to sell thousands of bikes by solely advertising through our website and social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, You Tube and our blog.

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